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Adding ads

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But this is different.

As opposed to having ads in place of paying for a product, Amazon will be providing ads as well as paying for a product (albeit at a reduced rate). If successful then this could herald the advent of a two tier pricing for pretty much everything, and before you know it, adverts will bombard you wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. To their credit, Amazon have said that the ads will only appear at the bottom of the home screen and in place of the screen saver picture displayed when the device is off (real shame there – I love the iconic authors displayed; gives the thing a touch of class).

I have spoken to a few Kindle users and none of them would go for a cheaper ad supported Kindle (I wouldn’t either) – though I suspect that this stance will be swayed by the saving to be made.

The only question that remains, assuming this initiative to be a success, is: how far will adverts permeate our lives?

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